Alternative subsonic
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FLOSS alternative to subsonic, supporting its many clients


  • browsing by folder (keeping your full tree intact)
  • browsing by tags (using taglib - supports mp3, opus, flac, ape, m4a, wav, etc.)
  • on-the-fly audio transcoding and caching (requires ffmpeg) (thank you spijet)
  • jukebox mode (thank you AlexKraak)
  • pretty fast scanning (with my library of ~27k tracks, initial scan takes about 10m, and about 5s after incrementally)
  • multiple users, each with their own transcoding preferences, playlists, top tracks, top artists, etc.
  • scrobbling
  • artist similarities and biographies from the api
  • a web interface for configuration (set up, manage users, start scans, etc.)
  • support for the album-artist tag, to not clutter your artist list with compilation album appearances
  • written in go, so lightweight and suitable for a raspberry pi, etc.
  • newer salt and token auth
  • tested on dsub, jamstash, sublime music, and soundwaves


the default login is admin/admin.
password can then be changed from the web interface

$ apt install build-essential git sqlite libtag1-dev ffmpeg libasound-dev # for debian like
$ pacman -S base-devel git sqlite taglib ffmpeg alsa-lib                  # for arch like
$ go get
$ export PATH=$PATH:$HOME/go/bin
$ gonic -h # or see "configuration options below"

note: unfortunately if you do this above, you'll be compiling gonic locally on your machine (if someone knows how I can statically link sqlite3 and taglib, please let me know so I can distribute static binaries)

or else you can run in docker, available on dockerhub as sentriz/gonic

# example docker-compose.yml

version: '2.4'
    image: sentriz/gonic:latest
    - TZ
    # optionally, see more env vars below
    - 80
    - ./data:/data             # gonic db etc
    - /path/to/music:/music:ro # your music
    - /path/to/cache:/cache    # transcode cache dir

    # set the following two sections if you've enabled jukebox
    - audio
    - /dev/snd:/dev/snd

then start with docker-compose up -d

configuration options

env var command line arg description
GONIC_MUSIC_PATH -music-path path to your music collection
GONIC_CACHE_PATH -cache-path optional path to store audio transcodes (default /tmp/gonic_cache)
GONIC_DB_PATH -db-path optional path to database file
GONIC_LISTEN_ADDR -listen-addr optional host and port to listen on (eg., (default
GONIC_PROXY_PREFIX -proxy-prefix optional url path prefix to use if behind reverse proxy. eg /gonic (see example configs below)
GONIC_SCAN_INTERVAL -scan-interval optional interval (in minutes) to check for new music (automatic scanning disabled if omitted)
GONIC_JUKEBOX_ENABLED -jukebox-enabled optional whether the subsonic jukebox api should be enabled


example nginx config with GONIC_PROXY_PREFIX

  location /gonic/ {
      proxy_pass http://localhost:4747/;
      # set "Secure" cookie if using HTTPS
      proxy_cookie_path / "/; Secure";
      # set "X-Forwarded-Host" header for connection callback
      proxy_set_header X-Forwarded-Host $host;